This is the easiest form of currency at the market. Buy directly from our farmers and vendors with no waiting in line for tokens.  Small bills like $1 and $5 are best for vendors.  


Red Wooden Tokens- Credit Cards

Not all farmers are set up to take credit cards, so the market came up with its own currency to support our farms. Stop by the market info desk and purchase wooden tokens with your credit card (Visa and MasterCard accepted) that work like cash with our farmers. Tokens can be used with any of our vendors and never expire. Vendors will make change with cash if needed. 

Green Wooden Tokens- SNAP/EBT

If you are a SNAP/food stamp participant, come to the market info desk and we will run your EBT card and give you tokens in exchange. The tokens can be spent like food stamps on non-taxable food items at the market only. 


Fresh Bucks

Fresh Bucks provides Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as “food stamps”) shoppers with extra buying power. The program matches SNAP dollar-for-dollar up to $10 per cardholder per market per day. The project is a collaborative effort of the City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Environment, the Washington State Farmers Market Association and Seattle’s farmers markets to expand access to healthy food for low-income shoppers at farmers markets.   Participating markets will double the first $10 spent by a SNAP cardholder each market day. This means that shoppers can receive Fresh Bucks from multiple markets held on the same day  and throughout the course of a week (but no more than once at the same market per day). Fresh Bucks is for fruit and vegetable purchases only.

Fresh Bucks are easy to use at SFMA Markets 

GO: Find the Fresh Bucks sign at the market’s info tent

SWIPE: your SNAP/EBT card and receive matching funds in Fresh Bucks currency

DOUBLE: Receive a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10 each market day

SHOP: Buy more fruits and vegetables

Once you receive your Fresh Bucks from the market info tent, you may visit any vendor who sells fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, or vegetable starts and make your purchase. No change will be given for Fresh Bucks.  For more information on Fresh Bucks  click here.