Seattle Farmers Market Association









The mission of the Seattle Farmers Market Association is to provide fun and rewarding venues for Washington state small farms and artisans to bring their highest quality, locally-grown and crafted products to urban residents. Our goal is to help our vendors be successful. Our intention is to facilitate a mutually beneficial connection between our community’s residents and the individuals who steward our local farmland and provide a variety of cultural arts.


Founded in 1990 at the Fremont Sunday Market, we were established as the first neighborhood farmers market in Seattle comprised only of Washington farmers since the 1950’s.  Our purpose then, as now, is to bring the neighborhood together by creating a local marketplace. In providing a regular event, where diverse people meet and develop positive relationships, we can contribute to building strong communities, and enhance the quality of life for everyone in our region.


We strive for a cooperative, respectful, family-friendly atmosphere that promotes beneficial interactions among our producers, our staff and the community. When we are successful at our work, our visitors will perceive themselves as being inter-connected to the market and to the community as a whole.  By offering the opportunity for all at the market to be partners in the stability and security of our farmlands and small businesses, we can create a more secure and healthy citizenry. Our commitment is to rely on mutual regard and honesty to promote a place where our vendors and employees will have the opportunity to develop beneficial relationships with the market visitors in the spirit of good will.

The nature of a farmers market lends itself to the old fashioned tradition of “going to market” and it provides a “town square” for local small farmers to sell their products, bringing rural and urban entrepreneurs together to round out the weekly experience of “market day.” Our vendors and staff work collaboratively to bring a consistently high-quality event week after week --  an exciting meeting place for neighbors to meet, commune and enjoy the great bounty of our state.

Our Staff:

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Doug Farr | General Manager 

Doug Farr moved back to Seattle after a four-year stay in Utah to fill the position of General Manager at SFMA. Raised on a farm, he has a background in business having owned 5 successful businesses previously.  He is no stranger to the Seattle market scene having worked as the Manager at the Fremont Sunday Market for well over a decade. In his leisure time, Doug enjoys gardening, canning and trying new recipes. He also enjoys traveling, walking the beach and camping with his husband and their two dogs. 


Ben Chandler | Market Manager

Born in the Seattle-area to parents newly transplanted from upstate New York, spent many summers back east neck-deep in frog ponds and has never been within 100 miles of Yankee Stadium. Raised on a steady diet of classical music and frontier cookery, the merits of which were not fully realized until much later. Plays and teaches music whenever possible and is the member of several bands which neither practice nor perform, although all have cool names.  Between the cracks in his busy music schedule he enjoys growing, cooking and eating food, making and drinking wine, and raising up his kids right on a steady diet of classical music and frontier cookery.


Kelli Diann Billips | Operations Manager

Kelli Diann grew up in Southwest Virginia, on a farm in the heart of Appalachia. In her youth, she helped her grandfather at farmers markets and enjoyed spending time with her grandparents in their garden.  She relocated to Seattle in 2016 and has taken right to the PNW culture and climate.  A graduate of Radford University, Kelli Diann holds a degree in advertising. She has always found work assisting on the creative side for vendors and markets alike. KD enjoys spending time with her playful cat, painting, general artin’, and exploring the PNW. She is known for whipping up “something out of nothing” in the kitchen using the blessed tools of her Granny Louise.